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Bing Han Ginseng Powder/Capsule/Flower Tea Bag is made exclusively from Ginseng Roots that have been used in Chinese herbal practice for centuries. Our Ginseng Roots are harvested on our ginseng farms in the Northeastern part of China commonly recognized as Changbai Mountain.

Bing Han ginseng products are manufactured by Bing Han Pharmaceutical Factory Co. in Taiwan and distributed by Bing Han Enterprises (USA).

The History of Ginseng

According to legend, it was the ancient mythical emperor Shen Nang who discovered the wondrous root. He lived around 2700 B.C. and is considered to be the father of agriculture and herbal therapy. He is also credited as the author of the first pharmacopoeia, the Pen-t 'sun Shen nung, a book recounting the entire body as medical knowledge as it was known up to that time. This book said Ginseng calms the mind, brings harmony to the soul eliminates fears, and drives away evil spirits. It also makes the eyes shine, open the heart, and clarifies thinking. If taken long enough, they claimed, it strengthens the body and extends life. Chinese doctors have been using the root of the ginseng plant for nearly 5,000 years. Because of its healing power, it was much in demand and its price is even more valuable than gold.

In ancient China, ginseng was reserved only for the emperors; today, you can take advantage of its numerous effects. The various kinds of ginseng differ greatly in quality. The curative power of ginseng depends on the way it is cultivated, the time it is given to grow and ripen, and the manner in which it is processed.

Ginseng is primarily known as a strengthening substance for older people, because the body needs special support during the aging process. Younger people can also benefit from ginseng. Ginseng helps children and teenagers concentrate better at school and in their studies. Adults receive the necessary balance that is needed to master the periods of stress in their private and professional lives. You can strengthen your immune system with ginseng as well as treat a range of specific ailments. Ginseng is also beneficial as an adjunct in the treatment.

Ginseng as a cleanser

Every cell and organ of the body is affected when the blood contains impurities. Scientists have found that most organic detoxifiers contain the element GERMANIUM. The higher the amount of GERMANIUM, the quicker the blood returns to a healthy state. Ginseng contains the highest amount of organically GERMANIUM (GcCH2, CH2, COOH) 203 of all the organic detoxifiers.

You can see why PANAX GINSENG is as valuable as a cleansing agent for the blood and thereby relieving stress to the organs. For some people, ulcers will be cleared up: for others, psoriasis or sinus problems will he alleviated. This is easy to comprehend when one knows the fact that illness stems from toxemia. GINSENG of sufficient strength, taken over a long period of time, will be very helpful in detoxifying you.

The Effects of Ginseng

Scientifically documented effects of panax ginseng are:

-purifies the blood of toxins
-increases production of red blood cells
-lowers "bad" cholesterol (LDL)
-increases "good" cholesterol (HDL)
-lowers high blood pressure
-normalizes stress conditions
-lowers high blood sugar by heat, cold and abnormal physical exertion
-prevents cellular damage from oxidation
-stimulates intestinal digestion
-improves nerve growth nerve transmission
-increase physical stamina and mental function
-strengthens the immune system


I am Robert Tan from Singapore. I was coughing for twenty-five years. At first, I thought that it was just an ordinary flu cough, so I consumed the cough mixture. It did not help stopping my cough at all. When it got worse, I went to the doctor for prescription and had gone through an X-ray. My coughing still persisted. Then I came to Canada, my coughing was getting worse and worse. Sometimes it even caused serious headache. No medication nor specialist could solve my problem and even could not find out the reason for this cough. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended me to take the Bing Han Ginseng powder. After consuming for a few days, my cough was gradually subsiding, therefore, I kept taking it. A few months later, my cough problem diminished to more than 90%. I find this ginseng powder exceptional and extra-ordinary. No other tonic, or health product is as good as this Bing Han Ginseng Powder.

Robert Tan - Singapore

I suffered from severe headaches and I felt tired all the time. Like so many people today, my schedule is pretty hectic. I am a full time employee, full time mother and part-time university student. I needed mental clarity to focus on my studies, so I spent a lot of money on tonics, herbs and vitamins that did not help me. I am so thankful that a co-worker recommended the Bing Han Ginseng Powder! Within six to eight weeks after taking the Ginseng my headaches were entirely gone and I felt so energized. That was two years ago. Today, I still take Ginseng and now my husband, children, other family and friends are also taking it. This 100% natural Bing Han Ginseng Powder is truly the best and I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Nadine Dwyer-Toronto, Canada

I am a sixty-eight years old lady, I used to have very serious liver problem, my face had turned to black color with all the black spots around my eyes and my eye-white turned to yellowish as well. I felt tired most of the time. I'd been consulting doctors or specialists for quite a while but didn't help that much. I went to two hospitals, one in Hong Kong and the other in Taipei for body checking but none of them had found any serious reason causing my problem. However, since my condition was getting worse and worse. I looked awful. I had that problem for more than fifteen years, when I was fifty-five years old but I looked like sixty-five. Gladly, one of my very good friends had mentioned this Bing Han Ginseng Powder to me. I tried it only just with a hope. After trying 2 bottles of the ginseng, my energy level had increased a lot and my face look much brighter than before then, I decided to buy a treatment of ten bottles to see how it helped my condition. Amazingly, the black color on my face and the black spots around my eyes started to diminishing. And now, even though I am that age I look at least ten years younger than my real age and yet, I feel myself much healthier, energetic and confidence. For anyone who is fed up on suffering from unhealthy condition want to get improve or, anyone who is looking for a good stuff to maintain wellness to stay healthy, I highly recommend Bing Han Ginseng to you. Enjoy your life and stay healthy with your family!

Peggy Mok - Hong Kong

Please try "Bing Han Ginseng Powder" we try them and we know it works. This product is not it the U.S., our cousin order it for us from Canada. However, I heard it is coming to the U.S. soon! I don't want to write more because I had been sending a lot of message about this amazing product to people that really needed this product. If you want information, please e-mail me at, and if you know any friend or relative that is suffering from cancer or serious health problem, tell them about this product, I know it will work!!!! Please pass the word around, it will be a lot easier for me!! Thank you, good luck, and god bless you!!! My mother is using this product call "Bing Han Ginseng Powder" a product from Taiwan. This product was selling like crazy because the product really work! It can cure almost any kind of cancer and other health problem. It was my cousin from Canada that introduce this product to my mother, because this Ginseng product helped my cousins friend's dying son cure his cancer. This boy is only five years old, and he is about to die and then when he was taking the Ginseng powder for 7 weeks, doctors verified that his cancer was totally cured! Amazing!! My mother was taking the product for almost three months, she don't have back, shoulder, and foot pain anymore. My mother now feels younger and has more energy. I heard this product will soon be in the U.S., but don't know which part of the U.S.. My mother is ordering this product from Canada from my cousin and if any of you are interested I can sent you information and help you order it, but just to warn you it is very expensive. It cost $215 U.S. dollars for a half month supply. My mother was shock when she heard the price of that thing, but she brought it anyway, because it really is a miracle product!!! If any of you want information about this product e-mail me at

The herbal supplements/remedies described here are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The statements regarding these products/supplements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. Consult your health care provider for guidance.

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